My Personal Experience…What Would You Do?

I know I have been BabyRecs mia but I had a recent experience that I wanted to share and see if any parents out there have had anything similar happen to them or how they would react.

A few weeks ago, on a Monday night, my family (hubby, myself and our 3 kids) were at BJ’s Brewhouse for dinner. This  is a family friendly restaurant that we have been to in the past. We were seated in a booth and in the booth next to us were 3 teenage girls. They looked like nice girls (if you can judge a book by its cover). My 4 year old daughter was kind of playing with them by making faces with them and were playing back throughout the meal. Towards the end of the meal I all of a sudden saw them taking pictures of my daughter (and my boys in fact) and I flipped out. I told my husband and he turned to them and said please do not take picture of our kids. They flat our denied it but one of the girls had her screen facing us (selfie mode but on the screen was a picture of my daughter) while she was clicking away so I saw it happen. Next thing we know the waitress comes over and asks us whats going on and we proceed to tell her what they girls just did. She says we can’t have this banter occur in our restaurant and asked if we wanted to get the manager involved. I said yes, because the momma bear in me was freaking out. Why did the girls take pics of my kids and were they going to put these pics out on the internet etc?? It made me very uncomfortable that these random girls had pictures of my kids and they were denying it.

The manager came quickly but in my opinion, he did not handle the situation well and that ticked me off even more. All he said to the girls was “please do not do that” and then left. I was not satisfied with how he handled it because as a paying customer in his restaurant he should have said more to them to ensure my concern was met. I know he could not touch their phones and I know this did not warrant police involvement but I believe that the manager should have really emphasized to the girls how wrong it is what they did and that they need to delete the pictures.

Long story short, I contacted the BJ’s headquarters to let them know what happened. I received a call back the next day from the headquarters and they totally understood my concern and was great about handling the incident which I am thankful for. Go BJ’s!!

What I would like to know from my readers is this:

1. Did I overreact with random people taking picture of my children?

2. Do you think the manager should have done more?

3. How would you feel if you saw some stranger taking pictures of your children?