My 2 Cents About the Frozen Production at Disney’s California Adventure

Disclosure: I received free tickets to Disneyland in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to take my family to California Adventure, thanks to the generosity of Disney. We don’t live close enough to Disneyland to go there very often, but we are also close enough to drive down for a weekend trip. We chose to go to California Adventure this time because we had not been there in a long time and I wanted to take my daughter to the all new Frozen show.

frozen live

Did someboday say Frozen? If you have not heard all ready, Disney started a new show this past May, in Hollywood Land of California Adventure. The Frozen show is a 1 hour stage musical production. Before I get into how much we enjoyed the show, let me tell you about what my daughter and I did beforehand.

I had read that the FASTPASS tickets to the Frozen show run out first thing in the morning (there were only 4 showings through the day) so if you are not lucky enough to get a FASTPASS then your next option is to get in line super early to hopefully get a seat (don’t expect a decent seat). Instead of running the risk of missing the show (my daughter would be so disappointed), I opted to buy pre-show Frozen tickets for us. My husband and sons went on rides and had their own fun in the meanwhile.


The Frozen pre-show was $50 per person and consisted of a few snacks (unlimited sparkling juice, popcorn, Frozen themed shaved ice treats and 1 glass of wine or beer per adult), pictures in 3 different Arrendale backgrounds, pictures and a visit with Olaf and various activities (bowling, coloring, Simon Says with Olaf…).  The pre-show lasted 1 hour but the greatest asset was priority access to the Hyperion Theater. There are 2 more expensive pre-show packages to buy which include lunch and the pre-show or a 4 course meal plus VIP backstage tour. I was quite happy with the $50/person package. I wouldn’t say the few snacks and activities are $50 worth but its more worth it for the priority access to seats and not standing in line (even if you get a FASTPASS you have to get in line early to try to get a good seat).

liya and olaf

Now for the Frozen production, it really stayed true to the story, but just brought Elsa, Ann, Olaf Kristoff and Sven to life. The creativity of the characters, especially Sven and Olaf was endearing and entertaining. The humor, took the story line up a notch. Finally, the special effects were done in true Disney style…perfect! So overall, this 1 hour show (I did not realize it would be that long…its almost as long as a Broadway musical) was well worth the extra $100. We got front row seats to boot. No adult in front of my daughter or me (I am short) impeding her ability to see and experience everything.


Disney as always is a magical experience but if you are a Frozen fan or have a child who is a Frozen fan, then the show is not to be missed. As I said, my sons and husband were not disappointed miss the show but I was happy to see it and I know my daughter was too. If you have the money to spare, the pre-package deals are just so worth your money and time at California Adventure!