Shopkins is Now a Movie!!!




Groundbreaking news for children under the age of 10! The first of its kind, Moose Toys with UPHE (Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) has released a Shopkins movie. Shopkins Chef Club is available on DVD NOW! Up till now, your kids have only been able to watch short Shopkins webisodes on YouTube. With 140 Shopkins figurines, your kids will love to finally have a movie that brings the figurines to life.


Life’s never ordinary in Shopville, but things are about to get a little extraordinary with the arrival of the Chef Club, hosted by new-Shoppie-on-the-block Peppa Mint and her Shopkin pals. To be accepted, the Shoppies will have to sing, dance, boil and blanch their way to victory. But it’s not just the pots that simmer! When Bubbleisha feels she’s not getting the attention she’s owed, things turn from sweet to sour faster than a milkshake in the sun! Can the Shoppies band together to avert this recipe from disaster?

Moose toys, an Australian company launched Shopkins in 2014 and since then, these tiny figurines have taken the kid world over. The brands motto “once you shop, you can’t stop”, is so true for Shopkins fans. With the toys flying off the shelves, its no surprise that  Shopkins has launched over 500 figurines in the past 2 years.

If you have a Shopkins fan in your house, then get them the DVD. Its a fun, clean movie that just allows your child to engage in Shopkins excitement on a bigger screen.