Happy World Emoji Day!!! (Giveaway included)


Tomorrow, July 17,  is World Emoji Day, which could not have come at a better time since The Emoji Movie comes out on July 28, 2017. One of the most exiting facts about World Emoji Day is that tickets for The Emoji Movie go on sale tomorrow. Yay! (my kids can’t wait to see the movie so I will probably buy tickets tomorrow…who else?)

Here are some random, but FUN emoji facts:

* World Emoji Day was chosen because it is the day displayed on the iOS and Android Calendar Emoji.

Image result for july 17 on android calendar emoji

* The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit group that decides new emojis. Unicode Emoji subcommittee currently has approved 2,666 emojis but this year they released 69 more emojis.

* In this digital age, emoji’s make us better communicators because it gives emotion to typed text. There are 6 billion emoji’s texts sent out daily worldwide.

* The emoji face with tears of joy is the most used emoji on Twitter.

emoji tears

* The Empire State Building in NYC will be lit up yellow in honor of World Emoji Day.

empire state

Now for the best info of all! Sony Pictures Animation Film has provided us with a The Emoji Movie gift pack to give away to 1 lucky BabyRecs reader. To enter the drawing, simply email me at neha@babyrecs.com with your name, address and a picture of your favorite emoji. Winner will be chose by 10pm, July 17, 2017. Hurry with your entries, this giveaway will go fast!

Have a happy WORLD EMOJI DAY!!!