Review of “Home Grown Books”

home grown


Summer is almost over  and school starts next week. I am not ready, so I won’t even tell you how my kids feel about it. I am trying to get back into school mode and the best way I can start is by writing about a business that makes and creates books.

Most board books and easy readers are all the same in that they follow the typical phonics based reading format. A small business started in Brooklyn, New York, has figured out a better formula for engaging your child in reading. Home Grown Books uses a wholistic, organic, content-based model to teach your child to read. Our books include all of the important skills that phonics-based books teach, while also teaching your child to make meaning when reading text – the most important skill to develop a lifelong love of reading. Home Grown Books are not a one-size fits all type of book. They are meant to spark individuality and aid each child on their own path to reading.

museum set


I do not have little ones in my house anymore, but my 5 1/2 year old daughter is a reader and she enjoyed the 3 books in the “Mini Museum Gift Set”. “Black Cowboys” is probably the most unique book I have ever seen for little ones. Who knew that over one-third of cowboys in the Wild West were African Americans. What an interesting fact and and an interesting way to teach children about history and culture. “Six” is a counting book but it was so different because the counting was not in order as you would expect and always see in children’s counting books. I really think that is such a fascinating way to teach counting and numbers. Finally, “What do you see?” had the best illustrations.


If you are looking for books for your child or for a gift, I would definitely consider buying Home Grown Books. Started by women who have a love for reading and teaching, you could not get a better team together to create such magical books.