Xlear Care Kit and Xylitol Product Review (plus a deal)


Xlear, pronounced “clear” is the industry leaders in the natural sweetner xylitol. Founded in 2000, with their first product being the Xlear Sinus Care Nasal Spray, Xlear has grown significantly in 15 years.

Treats in School

A teacher in West Virginia was recently reported to the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) for violating “Michelle Obama’s School Snack Rule.” The teacher in question rewarded her students for hard work and good behavior with a wrapped candy. Apparently the teacher was threatened with a fine because schools that participate in the National School Lunch […]

Get Rid of Plastic, Buy Kupp


I recently discovered Kupp, which is a safe, eco-friendly drinking glass for slippery little hands.

3 Days Till Summer!!

summer break

I have been a little slow with the posts these few weeks but there is a reason. Isn’t there always? So this time, it is because we are tip toeing our way to the last day of school…its coming up in 3 days! I can’t wait!

Aden+Anais All New Toddler Bed in a Bag


Aden+anais released their newest product this month, the toddler bed in a bag. Babies love aden+anais so as they grow up, they should still be able to enjoy the comforts of aden+anais.

The Infant SOS Can Save Lives from Heat Stroke in a Car (coming soon, but not soon enough)

infant sos

Five Rice University graduates (Audrey Clayton, Rachel Wang, Jason Fang, Ralph LaFrance and Ge You) developed the latest device which could save the lives of children. The Infant SOS is a car seat accessory that protects children who are left in hot cars.

Disney’s Tomorrowland Movie Review is Confusing


Disney’s Tomorrowland releases today! Don’t get too excited, the convoluted plot makes it challenging to follow. Jumping from the past to the present and the future in a 2 dimensional world is confusing. I took my almost 6 year old and almost 8 year old to see the movie. My oldest son appreciated the movie (did not love) […]

Tea Collection’s Memorial Day Sale (Coupon Code Inside)


Tea Collection’s Memorial Day Sale!

Celebrate Diversity: Kickstart a Personalized Children’s Book by Crayon Crunch


  Today I was approached by Mr. Kai Schmittat (I love his name, its my son’s nickname), who is the founder of Crayon Crunch. The idea behind Crayon Crunch is to create a personalized children’s book that celebrates diversity . The buyer can personalize the lead character in the book from everything to eye color, hair […]

Swim Safe with SwimWays SeaSquirt Swim Assist

swim assist

National Learn to Swim Day, is tomorrow, Saturday, May 16th. We are introducing you to the safest swim aid ever that builds up swim confidence. The SeaSquirts Swim Asisst by SwimWays (that’s a tongue twister) is a Coast Guard certified swim vest.

Freshly Picked Newest Moccs are Your Vacation Must!


I absolutely love Freshly Picked moccasins. I had to share their newest products that make me wish I was on vacation. I think you need to buy these before they are gone.

Amazon Did it Again!


Amazon shoppers this is for you. If you now go to the toys section, there is no longer an option to filter via gender. The “boy” and “girl” filters are now gone in a move to remove that stereotype regarding toys.