Tea Collection’s Memorial Day Sale (Coupon Code Inside)


Tea Collection’s Memorial Day Sale!

Celebrate Diversity: Kickstart a Personalized Children’s Book by Crayon Crunch


  Today I was approached by Mr. Kai Schmittat (I love his name, its my son’s nickname), who is the founder of Crayon Crunch.┬áThe idea behind Crayon Crunch is to create a personalized children’s book that celebrates diversity . The buyer can personalize the lead character in the book from everything to eye color, hair […]

Swim Safe with SwimWays SeaSquirt Swim Assist

swim assist

National Learn to Swim Day, is tomorrow, Saturday, May 16th. We are introducing you to the safest swim aid ever that builds up swim confidence. The SeaSquirts Swim Asisst by SwimWays (that’s a tongue twister) is a Coast Guard certified swim vest.

Freshly Picked Newest Moccs are Your Vacation Must!


I absolutely love Freshly Picked moccasins. I had to share their newest products that make me wish I was on vacation. I think you need to buy these before they are gone.

Amazon Did it Again!


Amazon shoppers this is for you. If you now go to the toys section, there is no longer an option to filter via gender. The “boy” and “girl” filters are now gone in a move to remove that stereotype regarding toys.

The Blanket that Every Adults Needs


I am so excited. When my littlest was a baby I only used aden + anais blankets. She actually still uses them. Her bamboo dream blanket is in the car in case she gets cold or takes a nap in the car. Her other dream blanket is her school nap blanket and then her swaddles […]

Manny & Simon – Organic, Eco-Friendly, made in the USA Toys and Products

blue truck

Manny & Simon is a company that makes organic, eco-friendly, made in the USA children’s products. Everything about Manny & Simon is a dream come true. The toys are contemporary, unique, and just simple. No electronics and gadgets associated with Manny & Simon.

Teacher Appreciation And Gifts!


This year I cannot emphasize enough how much I love my kid’s teachers. My little girl is at the same preschool that her brothers went to, so I knew I would love her teachers this year. My middle son has the same amazing KG teacher as my older son had and I am so happy […]

Drop that Nausea with Preggie Pops and Drops

three lollies

I never tried Preggie Pops or Drops during any of my pregnancies but I knew plenty of moms who swore by them. Preggie Pops and Drops, by Three Lollies are naturally flavored,drug-free, specially formulated lollipops or drops for pregnant women.

Unplug and Play!

screen free

BabyRecs will join thousands of schools, libraries, and community groups nationwide in a coordinated effort to encourage millions of Americans to turn off televisions, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles for 7 days and turn on the world around them.

Jill Duggar Blasted for Incorrect Sling Wearing


  The public is in an uproar because reality star Jill Duggar was photographed carrying her 3 week old baby improperly in a sling. The risks associated with improper sling wearing can result in suffocation or hip displacement. In the photo, Jill duggar is seen wearing the baby at about mid-stomach level, which is way […]

The Gift of the Dohmie Sound Machine

dohmie package

New mom? Give yourself the gift of sleep with the Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle by Marpac. The Dohm-NSF sound conditioner is The Official Sound Conditioner by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF).