My Unscientific Toy Experiment


The kids are officially back at school which means I have more time on my hands. I can write unencumbered. I am sad to be back in school mode. As busy as the kids are during the summer, it is nice to not be on a schedule.

Make a City with “PlayTape “


Imaginative play is a key component to child development. It requires advanced thinking and using the brain in a complex way. So many little kids love pretend playing with cars, which many parents have plenty of but no “car rug” or anything for kids to pretend with. Not that kids need anything to play with the cars, but sometimes it is fun. PlayTape by InRoad Toys is the fastest, best way to creatively build roads and rails for playing with toy cars and trains.

Manny & Simon – Organic, Eco-Friendly, made in the USA Toys and Products

blue truck

Manny & Simon is a company that makes organic, eco-friendly, made in the USA children’s products. Everything about Manny & Simon is a dream come true. The toys are contemporary, unique, and just simple. No electronics and gadgets associated with Manny & Simon.

Amazon’s New STEM Toys & Games Shop


I love Amazon! I love Amazon Prime but I now love Amazon even more for their forward thinking. The new STEM shop at Amazon that proves to us how important it is to encourage science, technology, engineering, and math in our children.

LunchBox Kids Board Game is a Blast

lunchbox kids

As I was on my quest to find holiday gifts for my kids, I stumbled upon this lesser known game that drew me in because it looked like such a fun family game. Newly patented “Lunchbox Kids” was created by a fitness trainer in Texas.

“Hello Barbie” Needs to be Goodbye Barbie


In the Fall, the plan is for Mattel to relesae “Hello Barbie”, which is a Barbie doll that listens to children speak (via microphone on her belt buckle) and she responds.

Hearts 4 Hearts Dolls

hearts for hearts

Hearts for Hearts Girls are inspired by real girls from real places around the world. Each doll has her own story to tell, with ideas about how to make life better for her family, community, country, and the world around her.

Creative Baby i-Mat and Voice Pen


These days, technology and toys go hand-in-hand. The i-Mat by Creative Baby is an interactive, foam play mat that your baby can crawl, lay, walk on and learn from. Creative Baby believes “that stimulating children’s minds through fun and engaging activities is the first step in unlocking their creative potential. We develop our products to excite and entertain, to challenge and delight.”

LeapFrog’s LeapTV – One of the “Hottest Toys of the Season”


LeapFrog is at it again with their coming soon LeapTV. Still on their kick to motivate kids to get up and move, LeapFrog will be releasing their LeapTV in mid-October, just in time for the holidays. LeapTV is a gaming console that differs from the ones out their because it aims to promote education (reading, […]

Review of 3 “Having a Ball” Toys by Bright Starts


I have always been a fan of Bright Starts and have owned many of their products over the years. Now that my children are older, we have not bought any new Bright Starts toys in a few years and we have been missing out! Recently I had the opportunity to review 3 of the “Having a Ball Collection” toys from Bright Starts.

LeapFrog leaps into the World of Fitness Trackers (For Kids)


Fitness trackers are a hot fad these days. They may encourage you to get up and move but most people eventually tire of them.

Battroborg by TOMY on Sale NOW!


Battroborg, the award-winning motion-controlled battling robots game from TOMY that paved the way for a new generation of battling is on SALE!