Creep Hacks Into Baby Monitor


Recently a creepy man made his way into the room of a 10 month old baby via the baby monitor. Parents in Cincinnati, Ohio were getting ready for bed when they heard a man’s voice coming from the baby’s room.

Kids and their Changing Teeth

dental braces

Many of our readers are still only pregnant with their first child so kids and their changing teeth is not of much interest to you yet. You are probably more interested in when your baby will get their first baby teeth. Although, once your child gets to the age of losing teeth (my oldest) then the process of baby teeth falling out and adult teeth growing in becomes an interesting topic.

How to teach our Children to be Green

earth with children holding hands

I know Earth Day almost over, but it does not mean you cannot do things to save our earth everyday. Today is just a reminder for us that we need to protect our earth and that there are a lot of things we can do on a daily basis to be green. Our earth is our children’s future and we need to teach them the importance of taking care of it.

The Latest Trends in Baby Parties


Some of the latest trends in baby making, baby showers and gender reveal parties have gone to the point of crazy. Any excuse or reason to have an event and people are doing it. Our society of over-sharing, selfishness and materialism has created this need to make something out of nothing or something out of what was once personal.

Kristin Cavallari Refuses to Vaccinate Her Children…Another Celebrity Jumps on the Bandwagon


Celebrity Kristin Cavallari and husband Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, have come out of the closet. Yesterday during an interview on the Fox Business Channel with host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, Cavallari stated that she has not and will not vaccinate her 1 year old son.

Hank Azaria’s AOL Web-Series “Fatherhood”

hank azaria

Actor and Producer Hank Azaria has turned to the small screen with his very own AOL Web-series called “Fatherhood.” Azaria touches on his life as a dad who has a very hands-on role in his 5 year old’s life.

Disease Outbreaks that could have been Prevented with Vaccines


Can vaccines prevent disease outbreaks?

Bulu Box – Health and Nutrition Monthly Subscription Box


Are you on top of your diet and exercise? Most of us are not but wish we had the time or money to be better about it. The next big thing in monthly box subscription is Bulu Box, its like a personal trainer and nutritionist coming to your door every month. Bulu Box is a […]

According to the Latest Research, are You Putting Your Toddler to Sleep too Early?

go to bed

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, parents may be putting their kids to sleep too early. Their research shows that the bedtime you select for your toddler may be out of sync with his or her internal body clock, which can contribute to difficulties for youngsters attempting to settle in for the night.

Fisher Price in the hot seat because of their new Seat


Fisher Price is involved in a huge controversy with their new Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity™ Seat for iPad® device. The Seat is a grow-with-me bouncy seat that does what most bouncy seats do except that this one has an additional feature that is creating a huge uproar. It has a mirror case where you can insert and lock your iPad. Yup you read that correctly, entertain your newborn with your iPad, an electronic baby sitter.

Plum Organics Voluntary Recall

Plum Organics is a food bramd lived by babies, toddlers and parents everywhere. Unfortunatly yesterday Plum Organics had a voluntary recall of some of there pouches. Read about it here: Nov13Recall.  

Can Autism be Diagnosed in Infancy?

If you had the ability to test your child for autism anywhere from 2-6 months would you do it. The test is not a 100% guarantee but it gives the possibility of yes or no. Typically autism is diagnosed at about 4 years old so eventually the new research would allow parents to start treatment/therapy […]