Hulu is Bringing Back the 90s!

Bringing Back the 90s!

Do the names Urkel, Balki and Uncle Joey bring back fond memories? If so, then you are in luck because on September 29, 2017, Hulu released their very own TGIF line-up of all our favorite 90’s shows. If you were a teen of the 90’s who spent your week looking forward to TGIF then this […]

My Personal Experience…What Would You Do?

I know I have been BabyRecs mia but I had a recent experience that I wanted to share and see if any parents out there have had anything similar happen to them or how they would react. A few weeks ago, on a Monday night, my family (hubby, myself and our 3 kids) were at BJ’s Brewhouse […]

Amazon Did it Again!


Amazon shoppers this is for you. If you now go to the toys section, there is no longer an option to filter via gender. The “boy” and “girl” filters are now gone in a move to remove that stereotype regarding toys.

Unplug and Play!

screen free

BabyRecs will join thousands of schools, libraries, and community groups nationwide in a coordinated effort to encourage millions of Americans to turn off televisions, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles for 7 days and turn on the world around them.

Amazon’s New STEM Toys & Games Shop


I love Amazon! I love Amazon Prime but I now love Amazon even more for their forward thinking. The new STEM shop at Amazon that proves to us how important it is to encourage science, technology, engineering, and math in our children.

BabyFirstTV for your 6 Month Old


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend TV or any screen time for children under the age of 2. The reason is because a child’s brain develops rapidly during the first few years and young children learn best by interacting with people and books.

Starbucks Order Ahead App


I know this is not totally relevant but in a way it is because we are tired parents who need caffeine to keep us going. Last week, Starbucks started testing a new app feature in 150 stores in Portland. You order and pay for your coffee through the app so all you have to do is walk in and pick up your drink.

LeapFrog’s LeapTV – One of the “Hottest Toys of the Season”


LeapFrog is at it again with their coming soon LeapTV. Still on their kick to motivate kids to get up and move, LeapFrog will be releasing their LeapTV in mid-October, just in time for the holidays. LeapTV is a gaming console that differs from the ones out their because it aims to promote education (reading, […]

LeapFrog leaps into the World of Fitness Trackers (For Kids)


Fitness trackers are a hot fad these days. They may encourage you to get up and move but most people eventually tire of them.

Creep Hacks Into Baby Monitor


Recently a creepy man made his way into the room of a 10 month old baby via the baby monitor. Parents in Cincinnati, Ohio were getting ready for bed when they heard a man’s voice coming from the baby’s room.

How to Conceive a Girl Using an App on your Phone!

stork diet

A new app available on iOS and Android claims to help people like my husband and I…conceive a girl. I know it does not sound real but phone technology can help and here is the scoop. The StorkDiet/Girl “is a natural and scientific based guide that includes a specific maternal diet and conception timing program.”

Bellabeat Fetal Doppler + BabyWatch App = Happy Pregnant Moms


During each of my pregnancies I remember having those moments of fear when I thought I could not feel the baby moving, a parent’s biggest nightmare. Bellabeat Connected System along with the BabyWatch app “allows you to connect with your unborn baby and share your experience with friends, family and moms-to-be.”