Toppy Toddler Stress-Free Baby Bib

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Babies and food are a messy combination! No matter how you much you dislike the mess, it is inevitable with a self-feeding toddler. My 21 month old insists on feeding herself and says “self” every time I try to feed her. As a result, her clothes, the table, the chair and the floor end up so dirty!! Toppy Toddler recently sent me the Stress-Free Baby Bib so I can experience a cleaner meal.

Sassy Baby Toys

sassy toys

If you have not heard of Sassy toys yet, you will be glad you have once you see their products. Sassy is an American company that collaborates with ChildĀ DevelopmentĀ Specialists to make unique baby products that are colorful with multiple textures. Sassy toys are well made and each toy helps develop a baby’s sensory (vision, touch, […]