Joovy Hilo Highchair


Highchairs are not a necessity (you could get away with a booster on a chair) but when if and when you find the right one, you have to jump on it. The new Joovy HiLo is one of those ones that will appeal to many and require you to jump. Expensive, but so practical you will love everything about it.

Philips AVENT BPA Free Microwave Steam Sterilizer


Philips AVENT BPA Free Microwave Steam Sterilizer combines the benefits of steam sterilization with the convenience of a microwave. Even though sterilizers are not needed, the review is necessary since parents are still buying them.

Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump (vs. Medela Pump In Style)


The Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump provides for an efficient and easy breast pumping experience. There are many different Ameda Purely Yours to choose from, based on the accessories that you want and need. All pumps come with the same pump but accessories vary with package which means prices range from $180 to $300.

Find a Niche in Nook


A nursing pillow is almost a necessity in the house of any breastfeeding mom. It makes nursing easier and more comfortable so it is important to find the right one for you. Nook Sleep Systems is a company that “considers infant health across platforms of breathability, non-toxicity and cleanliness in the creation of all of its products.”

The All New Boppy Baby Seat

boppy chair

Boppy is most known for its nursing pillow but recently they released a new product, the Boppy Baby Chair.

Nursing Babe Wrap – A better way to nurse discreetly

babe wrap

A few weeks ago we wrote about the versatile delivery gowns of Dressed to Deliver. Today, we bring you the versatile Nursing Babe wrap for nursing mothers and after.

Kaboost – Portable Chair Booster


Your child refuses to sit in the high chair but the dining chair is not high enough for them. What do you do? You could buy a booster seat or you could give your child a Kaboost. Kaboost is a compact and portable chair booster that raises the chair so your child is closer to the table.

Wean Green Glass Containers for your Baby Food


Wean Green was founded in 2008 by a mom who had a “passion for healthy living and happy babies.” She found a way to live her motto by creating Wean Green. Wean Green products are tempered glass containers (think baby food jars) that are made from “sustainable and infinitely recyclable material.”

Simple Wishes B3 All-in-One Bra Review


While I am not pregnant or nursing, I was a breastfeeding mom once upon a times 3. I recently received the B3 All-in-One Bra by Simple Wishes for review. This new to the market bra allows you to wear it while breastfeeding or hands free nursing.

Munchkin LATCH is here!


Munchkin has a new line on the market. The LATCH bottle, is a newly, reinvented bottle that is different than anything else because the nipple on the bottle mimics nursing. This new bottle will simplify the transition from breast to bottle and back again.

Silikids Siliskin Glasses

110 (600x442)

Plastic is a hot topic these days due to BPA, pthalates etc. Many parents are cautious about using too much plastic with their children but then glass can be dangerous when it comes to their daily use products. There are to be a solution and luckily two moms found that solution in 2006 with Silikids.

Bouche Baby Take N’ Shake Bottles

bouche baby

Do you have a formula fed baby? If so, then Bouche Baby has the perfect solution for how to take formula on the go. Their Take N’ Shake bottles are standard feeding bottles but the clincher is the integrated formula compartment. But wait, there is more, the bottle also coverts to a sippy cup (add handles and sippy nipple) when the time is right.