Kinsa – The Smartest Thermometer on the Block


The Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer is the newest and coolest healthcare gadget for parents.

Xlear Care Kit and Xylitol Product Review (plus a deal)


Xlear, pronounced “clear” is the industry leaders in the natural sweetner xylitol. Founded in 2000, with their first product being the Xlear Sinus Care Nasal Spray, Xlear has grown significantly in 15 years.

The Infant SOS Can Save Lives from Heat Stroke in a Car (coming soon, but not soon enough)

infant sos

Five Rice University graduates (Audrey Clayton, Rachel Wang, Jason Fang, Ralph LaFrance and Ge You) developed the latest device which could save the lives of children. The Infant SOS is a car seat accessory that protects children who are left in hot cars.

Manny & Simon – Organic, Eco-Friendly, made in the USA Toys and Products

blue truck

Manny & Simon is a company that makes organic, eco-friendly, made in the USA children’s products. Everything about Manny & Simon is a dream come true. The toys are contemporary, unique, and just simple. No electronics and gadgets associated with Manny & Simon.

A Good Little ELPH – Update: the Company has Closed up Shop!


Every parents worst nightmare is losing their child in public. On the flip side, it is also a scary experience for a child to lose sight of their parents in public. Young or old, we never want to risk losing our children in a crowd. ELPH, which stands for Emergency Look Up Phone Home, is a durable, waterproof wristband that is equipped with a unique serial QR code and matching ID code.

MAM Mini Air Love & Affection Pacifier Giveaway

mam love1

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, what better way to spread the love for baby then with a pacifier giveaway from MAM!

My Dentist’s Choice Tooth Tissues

tooth tissues

Many parents are not sure about how to cleans baby’s gums and teeth when they first start coming in. The ADA recommends starting oral care early by wiping your baby’s gums and teeth with a wet washcloth. An even better way to clean teeth with My Dentist’s Choice Tooth Tissues.

Swimmer’s Highlight of Waterworks Aquatics

waterworks logo

Back in the spring of this year, a new indoor swimming pool opened up in our area. I had been taking my boys to swim classes at another location but was super excited when I heard about Waterworks Aquatics. I had been on the prowl for a new swim facility so this new place could […]

Chewbeads New “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip


Chewbeads are known for their wonderful teething necklaces and bracelets. What is not to love about them? They are useful teethers for babies and look kind of cool on mom too.

BabyGanics to Keep Babies Safe!

babyganics logo

New York based BabyGanics was started by 2 childhood friends, Keith and Kevin, who wanted to create products to make the world a little safer for babies. When BabyGanics claims baby-safe, they mean it! All their products are free of toxic or harmful chemicals.

PediaCare Smooth Melts Coming Soon!


We are still fairly far from cold/flu/fever season but it will hit us faster than we want it to. The first sign of sickness is back to school, which is fast approaching. School restarting is the start of illnesses without a break until the spring or summer. Ahhh…the frustrations of school.

MAM Oral Care Rabbit, Start Pacifiers and Anti-Colic Bottles Win 2014 National Parenting Publications Awards


MAM products including the MAM Oral Care Rabbit, MAM Start Pacifiers and MAM Anti-Colic bottles have been named 2014 National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) winners. The Oral Care Rabbit and Start Pacifiers are Gold winners in the Gadgets ‘n’ Gear category and MAM’s Anti-Colic Bottle has been named a Silver winner in the same category