ABC Fun Pads – Coffee Table Covers

fun pads

Many of us move or remove our coffee tables once our babies become mobile. The risk of injury is not worth keeping the table in the way. ABC Fun Pads has a product that solves your coffee table worries. Their padded Table Covers protect your child from corners and edges.

Designer Gates by Munchkin

munchkin loft

With National Baby Safety Month still going on, I want to introduce our readers to the Munchkin EveryPlace┬« Safety Gates. What sets these gates apart from other safety gates is the design. The EveryPlace Safety Gates are stylish, modern gates that come in a “variety of mounting options and finishes, such as steel, dark wood or aluminum.”

Munchkin Childproofing Kit


The Munchkin Childproofing Kit is a handy $12 kit that has many of the essentials you will need to keep your baby safe in your house.

Babyproofing Tips

Baby proofing tips that you can start working on even before your baby is born: Install plug covers on all baby accessible outlets. Lock all high windows and low windows should not open more than 4 inches. ` Keep fans ans space heaters out of reach from the baby. Remove or shorten all blind or […]