The Gift of the Dohmie Sound Machine

dohmie package

New mom? Give yourself the gift of sleep with the Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle by Marpac. The Dohm-NSF sound conditioner is The Official Sound Conditioner by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF).

Keep the Monsters Away with Glow Away!


Is your child scared about going to sleep because of the dark? Do you need to keep a nightlight on for your child? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you may want to read more about Glow Away. Glow Away is a 4 piece set consisting of a book, duvet cover with matching pillowcase and keepsake box that helps children with their fears of the dark.

Latchy Catchy


A few months ago I was lucky enough to get a sample Latchy Catchy to try out. I did not think much of it but put it on my daughter’s door and it as been a lifesaver ever since. Little did a realize that such a simple idea would be such a useful idea.

Zipadee-Zip into a Swaddle-less Life


As seen on Shark Tank, the Zipadee-Zip by Sleeping Baby is a product created by a husband/wife team (Brett & Stephanie Parker) created a product that helps babies who outgrow the swaddle but still need something more than a sleep sack to help them sleep.

Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Will Change the way you Sleep

halo bassinett

Co-sleeping is a common practice with over-tired, new parents. The problem is that it is not a safe practice, especially in light of the increased risk of infant deaths due to co-sleeping. The Halo Bassinet is a revolutionary bassinet because it allows parents to be as close to baby as possible without actually co-sleeping.

Aden + Anais’s Newest Collection – Merino Muslin


Our much loved aden + anais just expanded their product line with the all new pure merino muslin collection. This luxurious new line combines the award-winning muslin weave of aden + anais with The Woolmark Company’s pure Australian merino wool to create a fabric that offers the the ultimate in softness, breathability and temperature regulation.

The Gro Anywhere Blind by the Gro Company

gro anywhere

I had 2 children who had no problems sleeping in the light and then my 3rd came along. Her sleeping habits threw us for a loop. It took 3 months for my husband and I to realize that part of her sleeping issues were noise and light.

Baby Bjorn Cradle


Baby Bjorn is well known for their baby carriers. Who know that they make a modern day version of the traditional baby cradle. Developed in collaboration with pediatricians, the Cradle is safe, secure and super trendy for any home.

Its a bird, its a plane, its the Nap \-Sac

lill gold

Double duty baby products are rare but when you find one, you just cannot pass it up. The Nap-Sac by Lilly Gold is a “deluxe diaper bag that folds open into a self-contained changing station or comfy bassinet.” This $125 product is expensive but it eliminates the need for multiple items when travelling with baby (even if it is just a few hours away).

KidFit Pillow – The Best Pillows for Kids


The KidFit Pillow was designed by a Chiropractic father of 2, who understood the importance that we place on pillows and bedding for adults, but not for children. Pillows should provide proper support for the head and neck and adult pillows are generally too big for children. They can throw off children’s head and neck alignment. That is why KidFit came about, a pillow that is safe and ergonomic for children.

Oh Joy! Bedding and Decor at Land of Nod


If you have never visited the Oh Joy! blog, you should check it out now. Founder, Joy Cho started the brand as a graphic design studio in 2005 but from there is has grown to include “licensed-product lines, how-to videos and a daily blog with a focus on design, fashion, food, and joyful moments from everyday life.”

Babyhome’s so-ro Receives 2014 Cribsie New Arrival Award

Walnut in surroundings 2_ USA_EU (1) (600x600)

In January, I wrote about the all-new so-ro cradle by Spain based Babyhome. The so-ro is so loved that it is the recipient of a Cribsie New Arrival Award in the 2014 The Cribsie Awards.