Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper


Have a wriggly baby? Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper will keep your active little one safe and secure.

Peg Perego Rialto Booster Seat


A few months ago I had the opportunity to see the Peg Perego Rialto before it was released. I was extremely impressed by the booster seat and could not wait till it was released. Well the wait is over, the Rialto is now available for us to purchase.

The Shade by Imagine Baby

the shade

Most infant car seats do not have a very good sunshade/cover (except the Orbit Infant Car Seat). As a result, when baby is sleeping in the car seat, the a blanket is the best option for covering baby. The problem with a blanket is it can shift with movement or the wind and you just have to be very careful that it is not on your baby’s face. A blanket as a car seat cover is not ideal but it is common.

SnoozeShade – Sun & Sleep Shade


Summer is upon us and sun is at its peak. That is why the award winning SnoozeShade is the perfect sun and sleep shade for those hot summer days.

Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover

balboa baby shopping cart cover

Did you know that about fecal bacteria (e-coli) can be found on 72% of shopping cart handles. That means shopping carts are actually dirtier than public restrooms. Most stores do not routinely clean shopping carts but many are starting to provide wipes to clean them before use.

Infantino Slimâ„¢ Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover

infantino slim neoprene

As a Test and Tell Mom for Infantino, I had the opportunity to test out the new Slim Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover. Of the 3 shopping cart covers that I own, this is by far the best one ever!

JourneyBee – A Lightweight, Portable Crib


Embark on a trip with journeyBee – a safe, easy, use anywhere, anytime lightweight, portable crib! JourneyBee by ParentLab was recently introduced to the US but has been the latest rage in portable cribs overseas.

The Mommy Hook

the mommy hook

The Mommy Hook is like a giant carabiner (clip) that hooks onto most stroller handles so you can carry your diaper bags and other bags neatly and effortlessly.

Le Sac Igloo by 7 A.M. Enfant

le sac igloo

The award winning Le Sac igloo looks like a sleeping bag but really is a the perfect foot muff for babies. With a water repellent shell that protects your baby from snow, rain and wind and an ultra-soft premium fiber insulation and cotton lining that keeps your baby warm and snug on the inside, the Le Sac igloo is your baby’s best protection against the elements.

Phil & Teds Nest

Nest Bassinet

If you plan on travelling a lot with your infant (long or short trips) then you will love the Phil & Teds Nest. A compact travel bed for newborns up to 9 months, the Nest will save you precious space when you all ready have so much other gear to pack for baby.

Prince Lionheart Flexi Bath

Prince Lionheart Flexibath

The Prince Lionheart Flexi Bath is the perfect bathtub for people short on space. It is the ultimate space-saver since it can be folded flat when not in use.

Summer Infant Deluxe Infant Travel Bed

phil and teds traveller

The Phil & Teds Traveller is the perfect portable bed for parents looking for something lightweight and compact.