Prevent Flat Head Syndrome with the Tortle by Dr. Jane – Review & Giveaway


One in 2 babies will develop flat head syndrome. Due to the Back to Sleep campaign (to prevent SIDS) by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly) occurs when infants spend long periods of time laying on the back of their heads or in a favored position. In same cases, some babies […]

Cuppies by JJ Rabbit


If it is time to transition your toddler from sippy cup to “regular” cup then Cuppies by JJ Rabbit is your toddler’s must-have cup. Cuppies are fun, kid-sized cups with a little hidden gem at the bottom of the cup. Each cup has a different 3-D animal at the bottom so as your toddler drinks, the 3-D animal will slowly get uncovered.

Badaboum Badabing

sleepsack badaboum

At the Birth and Baby Fair, I met Vanessa, a California mom from France who started Badaboum. When Vanessa’s son was a newborn, she was on the prowl for a sleep sack for her newborn that French moms use. Vanessa could not find what she was looking for in California so using her fashion and design background she came up with a safe sleep sack that is non-flammable and formaldehyde free.

Philips Avent Product Review

avent toddler cup

This past weekend I had the unique opportunity to attend the Pre-Golden Globes Event the Boom Boom Room. Aside from getting excited about seeing celebrities (yes I love it) I had an amazing opportunity to sample many new and existing baby/mommy products. These next few weeks are going to consist of reviews of products that you will be happy to learn about.

Here is a review of 4 Philips Avent products that I received:

Shopping for a Pediatrician


Choosing a medical practitioner for your baby is an important decision to make so taking the time to do your research early will be valuable since you won’t have time after the baby arrives.

Well Baby Tummy Time Mat

well baby tummy time mat

Tummy time for an infant is vital to development and growth. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends 40-60 minutes of tummy time per day so babies can avoid flat head syndrome and torticollis and as a result develop core muscle strength, gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Many if not most babies dislike […]

New Warning Against Crib Bumpers

safe sleep

Many health organizations, doctors, SIDS experts and organizations (including the American Academy of Pediatrics which just released new recommendations yesterday, Oct 18, 2011) warn against the use of crib bumpers because of the risk of suffocation and entaglement with the ties of the bumper. All these groups against bumpers say that they are not really needed, the […]

To Bank Cord Blood or Not?


One of the first important decisions parents have to make is whether to bank the umbilical cord blood. Typically after birth the cord blood is discarded but if you decide to bank it then it is collected and cryogenically stored.  This blood is a “rich source of stem cells” so it can be very useful. The […]