KidFit Pillow – The Best Pillows for Kids


The KidFit Pillow was designed by a Chiropractic father of 2, who understood the importance that we place on pillows and bedding for adults, but not for children. Pillows should provide proper support for the head and neck and adult pillows are generally too big for children. They can throw off children’s head and neck alignment. That is why KidFit came about, a pillow that is safe and ergonomic for children.

Totseat by Svan

Time to get a Totseat Mother

My daughter does not sit in a high chair anymore. Up till now, I do not been able to take a portable booster seat when we are out and about. It does not fit into my diaper bag and when it is me against 3 kids there is no way I am going to take more than I can handle. There is my problem, a 20 month old who only wants to sit in a chair like a “big girl.” She is wiggly and I am afraid she will fall of the chair. That is until the award winning Svan Totseat came into my life. The Totseat allows my daughter to safely be a “big girl”!

SnoozeShade – Sun & Sleep Shade


Summer is upon us and sun is at its peak. That is why the award winning SnoozeShade is the perfect sun and sleep shade for those hot summer days.

Kid Kusion Gummi Mat

gummi mat

The award winning Gummi Mat is a non-slip gummy mat with a “knobby” texture on one side so food does not slip around.

Mobi DualScan Ear or Forehead Thermometer

mobi dualscan

Mobi Tehcnologies, known for their high-tech products has done it again with their award winning DualScan Ear or Forehead Thermometer. This versatile thermometer can read a temperature quick and super fast from the ear or forehead. It makes temperature reading easy for the parent and child.

Sunnyside Safari™ Chair Top High Chair


Bright Starts has it figured out when it comes to a good high chair. The Sunnyside Safari™ Chair Top High Chair does exactly what a full sized high chair does except that this one saves space by perching on chair.

Vicks Rectal Baby Thermometer

vicks rectal baby thermometer

Rectal thermometers give the most accurate readings when checking a baby’s temperature so one to consider buying is the award winning Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer. It is an ergonomically designed thermometer that is popular with parents.