Wean Green Glass Containers for your Baby Food


Wean Green was founded in 2008 by a mom who had a “passion for healthy living and happy babies.” She found a way to live her motto by creating Wean Green. Wean Green products are tempered glass containers (think baby food jars) that are made from “sustainable and infinitely recyclable material.”

EZ Squeezees Reusable Pouch

ez squeezees

Last week I was sent a 3-pack of EZ Squeezees reusable pouches for review. I washed and sterilized my pouches right away because I needed them immediately. Well it just so happens that I met my contact at the Birth and Baby Fair this weekend and was provided another 3-pack. I am excited because I now have 6 pouches to fill.

Biggest Baby Shower San Francisco

big city moms

The Biggest Baby Shower Ever San Francisco was last night by Big City Moms and wow it was an amazing event. All the beautiful pregnant moms went home with a huge goody bag full of baby items (I got one too and will soon share all the cool items that was in the bag) plus […]

Munchkins Fresh Foods Line

chopper and steamer

For all 3 of my kids, I made their baby food at home but used what I all ready had except for a few small items. I never purchased any separate baby food maker. Now, so many great baby food making aids on the market, it is hard to not buy something to make your life easier. I had the opportunity to try out 3 great Fresh Food items by Munchkin: Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer, Fresh Food Grinder and Click Lock Fresh Food Freezer Trays.

Infantino Fresh Squeeze Station


If you make baby food at home then you will love the Infantino Squeeze Station. Their motto “why cube when you can squeeze,” really holds true for busy parents. This do-it-yourself squeeze pouch system is amazing! It allows you to feed your baby homemade food when on the go but with the convenient pouch system.

Munchkin BPA Free White Hot Spoons

munchkin bpa free white hot spoon

The Munchkin BPA Free White Hot Spoons are very useful feeding spoons once you start baby food. They are soft-tipped, tapered-shaped spoons that turn white if they touch food that is hotter than a comfortable 110 degree Farenheit. The soft tip is gentle on gums and the tapered shape fits your baby’s tiny mouth. The […]

Plum Organics Baby Food Pouches


When your baby hits 4-6 months you will start thinking about feeding your baby solid foods. The easy part is deciding if you are going to serve your baby homemade food or will you buy it. If you decide to make it then are you going to buy a baby food processor or use what […]

Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker

beaba babycook

Anywhere from 4-6 months you will start feeding your baby solid food. Solid food means rice cereal, pureed fruits and vegetables, not table food. Many parents ideally want to make their baby food but it can seem daunting because of the time and effort involved. That is where the French company Beaba’s Babycook Food Maker […]