BookRoo’s Favorite Books


Do you have an avid reader in your house? I do! We end up at the library weekly (if not more often than that). The problem with library books is that they just disappear in the house. We inevitably end up with a fine which annoys my husband so much.

Personalized Board Books

board books

Babies love pictures and babies love books. What a better way to combine the two with personalized board books by Pint Size Productions. Pint Size Productions is the only US manufacturer of personalized board books.

Indestructible Books

indestructible books

Babies are notorious for chewing and drooling on books. Board books are great for babies but they eventually show signs of wear and tear and they can break apart. Indestructible books by Kaaren Pixton are just that, indestructible. They are books made from soft, paper-like material but they are waterproof and tear resistant. These are […]