Its a bird, its a plane, its the Nap \-Sac

lill gold

Double duty baby products are rare but when you find one, you just cannot pass it up. The Nap-Sac by Lilly Gold is a “deluxe diaper bag that folds open into a self-contained changing station or comfy bassinet.” This $125 product is expensive but it eliminates the need for multiple items when travelling with baby (even if it is just a few hours away).

The Circular Changing Pad


Mom invented, Patemm Inc came up with the patented and award-winning round changing pad. with this design, any way the baby turns, they always remain on the changing pad.

HALO SwaddleChange Changing Pad


iaper changes can be torture for babies. Newborns want to be swaddled and during diaper changes they are cold and exposed. Older babies just want to be on the move and laying down for 2 minutes is not their idea of fun. HALO, the SleepSack inventor, came up with the perfect compromise for baby and parent, the SwaddleChange Changing Pad Cover.