The Boob and Dood by Joovy


I had the amazing opportunity to meet a Joovy marketing contact at the Baby Shower last week. Did you know that Joovy not only makes baby gear but they just released Boob Baby Bottles and Dood Cups. I went home from the event with a few Boob bottles and a Dood Drinking Cup to check out. I am quite impressed with how Joovy really thought about everything when it comes to their Boob and Dood line.

The Windi by FridaBaby

the windi

Last year I wrote about NoseFrida by FridaBaby, which is an amazing snot sucker. Well now FridaBaby has outdone themselves with The Windi, which is a gas and colic reliever. FridaBaby has developed another solution solver that actually works.

Playtex Drop-Ins Bottle System


The Playtex Drop-Ins Bottle System is a a BPA free liner system that helps reduce colic and fussing.

Podee Convert-a-Bottle System

podee convert-a-bottle

Picture this…you are driving by yourself and you have a screaming, hungry baby. Your baby is too young to hold a bottle so now what do you do? Stop and feed your baby or let your baby cry until you get to your destination. Neither of the two chioces are ideal so the solution to […]

Gripe Water

gripe water active ingredients

A very common newborn issue is severe discomfort due to painful gas.  Gripe water is a homepathic liquid that parents have been giving to their babies for hundreds of  years (originated in Europe). It is a symptom soother, it does not cut gassiness or colic but it does soothe the baby temporarily. One thing to keep […]