Prevent Flat Head Syndrome with the Tortle by Dr. Jane – Review & Giveaway


One in 2 babies will develop flat head syndrome. Due to the Back to Sleep campaign (to prevent SIDS) by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly) occurs when infants spend long periods of time laying on the back of their heads or in a favored position. In same cases, some babies […]

Spiffies for a Spiffy Mouth!


Spiffies are tooth wipes for babies and soaked with xylitol, which is an all natural ingredient that prevents cavities by reducing the amount of bacteria in the mouth.

Psi Bands

psi bands

Morning sickness aka nausea is one of the worst experiences in pregnancy. Many women have morning sickness so intense that they have to take medicine for it whereas some women are lucky enough to never experience it. A natural, non-medicinal way to treat morning sickness is the FDA approved Psi Band (aka Sigh Bands). I […]

Smart Mom Jewelry – Teething Bling

teething bling

After reading so many great reviews about Teething Bling, I was excited to have a chance to review a teething pendant. I received a Jade Donut Shaped Pendant from Smart Mom Jewelry and I was impressed the minute I saw it because it really looks like jewelry. For those of you who have never heard […]