YouTube Kids – Kid Safe Video App by YouTube (Google)!

youtube kids

A few days ago, YouTube finally launched their kid app for iOS and Android. Designed with a simple interface, kids-safe material, parental controls etc, YouTube Kids allows your child to browse YouTube without a parental monitor.

Sprout Apps for your Pregnancy and Beyond


Looking for the ultimate pregnancy, pregnancy journal and baby app all by 1 company? Look no further, Sprout by Med ART Studios. The highest rated apps for moms and moms to be, Sprout provides useful information but also allows you to track your own personal information. With 3 apps to download through the course of your pregnancy, Sprout has everything to offer.

How to Conceive a Girl Using an App on your Phone!

stork diet

A new app available on iOS and Android claims to help people like my husband and I…conceive a girl. I know it does not sound real but phone technology can help and here is the scoop. The StorkDiet/Girl “is a natural and scientific based guide that includes a specific maternal diet and conception timing program.”