iBesties: Dolls that Inspire STEM, Business, & Entrepreneurship (Kickstarter Campaign for 8 More Days)


When you go to the toy store, the doll section is chalk full of dolls, but none of them really encourage or promote STEM, business or education. Two sisters, Jenae and Gina Heitkamp, started iBesties to give girls the dolls they love, but at least offer dolls that inspire them.

SandOut Shoes Solve the Sand in Shoes


Its summer time which means lots of beach and sand time. We all love going to the beach but detest the sand that enters the car after a long day in the sun. How do we prevent piles of sand from ending up on the car floor? SandOut Shoes, that’s how. Currently running a Kickstarter campaign, SandOut Shoes filter sand from the inside out, sending sand out as fast as sand comes in.

Celebrate Diversity: Kickstart a Personalized Children’s Book by Crayon Crunch


  Today I was approached by Mr. Kai Schmittat (I love his name, its my son’s nickname), who is the founder of Crayon Crunch. The idea behind Crayon Crunch is to create a personalized children’s book that celebrates diversity . The buyer can personalize the lead character in the book from everything to eye color, hair […]

Keep the Monsters Away with Glow Away!


Is your child scared about going to sleep because of the dark? Do you need to keep a nightlight on for your child? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you may want to read more about Glow Away. Glow Away is a 4 piece set consisting of a book, duvet cover with matching pillowcase and keepsake box that helps children with their fears of the dark.

STEM Clothing for Girls

bud stem

Two Seattle based moms, Jennifer Muhm and Malorie Catchpole, wanted to change this dichotomy and created the clothing line, buddingSTEM. BuddingSTEM is made to empower girls and make them realize that they can do and be whomever they want to be.



Silikids, Inc. the first mom-founded brand which focuses on creating children’s products that are toxin-free, hypoallergenic and made entirely out of silicone, launched Kickstarter campaign on October 22, for their new Straw Tops.

Potty Wiz – Made for Boys (and girls)

potty wiz1

Potty training boys is different than potty training boys. So if that is the case then why are all potty seats made the same? Mom Kaylee Wickline did something about it and created the Potty Wiz, a potty built for little boys learning to potty train.

Turn your Handbag into a Diaper Bag

life in play1

Do you have a handbag you love and wish you could use it as a diaper bag? Thanks to Life in Play you can turn any tote or bag into an organized diaper bag. This insert is so easy to use, fill it with your baby essentials and slip it into any bag and you are ready to go. Your handbag must be at least 14 inches at the base and 10 inches in height to fit the Life in Play insert. Depth must be at least 3 inches or more but the larger the depth the greater ability you have to fit more things.