Manny & Simon – Organic, Eco-Friendly, made in the USA Toys and Products

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Manny & Simon is a company that makes organic, eco-friendly, made in the USA children’s products. Everything about Manny & Simon is a dream come true. The toys are contemporary, unique, and just simple. No electronics and gadgets associated with Manny & Simon.

Mommy Made Goodness

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Many parents love the idea of home made, organic foods for their baby but they just do not have the time or want to take the time (would rather play with baby then be in the kitchen) to make the food. Mommy Made Goodness takes that guilt away and gives back time to parents by delivering food right to their doorstep.

Dapple – Natural Cleaners for Homes with Kids


With all the information out there about harmful chemicals in cleaning products, I only try to buy green products in my house. Lucky for me, I was recently introduced to dapple, “a line of products that were natural and safe for our babies, but also specifically targeted to clean the unique messes they leave behind.”

The BabaSling Baby Carrier


TheBabaSling is a newly designed baby sling by Joovy. This hammock style sling is a one size fits all sling. With 5 carrying positions and the option to nurse in 2 position while sling wearing, it really is super functional. Joovy says “As advocates for ‘baby wearing,’ we believe theBabaSling is the most amazingly versatile, easy to use sling on the market today.”