The Boob and Dood by Joovy


I had the amazing opportunity to meet a Joovy marketing contact at the Baby Shower last week. Did you know that Joovy not only makes baby gear but they just released Boob Baby Bottles and Dood Cups. I went home from the event with a few Boob bottles and a Dood Drinking Cup to check out. I am quite impressed with how Joovy really thought about everything when it comes to their Boob and Dood line.

Hidden Dangers in Your Child’s Nursery


If you are in the process of getting a nursery together for your baby, check out this fantastic infographic from Healthy Child Healthy World. There are more than 300 toxic chemicals present in a new baby room but with some smart planning, you can make your baby’s room safe.

Kid Kusion Gummi Mat

gummi mat

The award winning Gummi Mat is a non-slip gummy mat with a “knobby” texture on one side so food does not slip around.

The Abiie G2G BabyDeck Stroller


In 2010, Texas-based company, Abiie, launched the G2G with a innovative fold-out diaper changing system. The seat folds out to create a flat surface in which you can lay baby down. This means that you can easily and comfortably change your baby’s diaper in the stroller.

Pura Kiki – A Stainless Steel Bottle


As consumers we are all aware of the dangers with plastic bottles. Even though BPA bottles are readily available and more widespread than ever, there are still risks. BPA-free bottles can leach chemicals and petroleum by-products just from normal wear and tear. I had heard of Pura Stainless but never thought about trying their bottle […]



The WubbaNub is a soft plush animal attached to a Soothie pacifier that helps prevent the pacifier from getting lost or falling out of your baby’s mouth.

Skip Hop Zoo Playspot

skip hop zoo playspot

The recently released Zoo Playspot by Skip Hop is a bright, colorful, soft, cushiony mat for baby to play on. The 12 tiles features the face of Skip Hop’s monkey, owl, dog and bee. The EVA foam mat is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free so it is safe for babies from birth on up. Customize […]

Boon Glo Nightlight

boon glo

Boon has been known to have cutting edge, inventive products and they did it again with their Glo Nightlight. The sleek, contemporary nightlight features a white base with 3 white pedestals sticking straight up from the base with glo balls at the end of each pedestal. The nightlight charges the balls so they can be removed and […]

Puj Tub

puj tub

If you are a parent who will probably bath your baby in the kitchen sink, then the Puj Tub is the tub for you. It is a EVA foam baby bath tub that is meant to be used in any sink. The BPA and PVC free foam is sturdy enough to hold your baby but […]


nursin smart

If you have not heard of InnoBaby, you will be glad you are reading this post because their products are awesome! Founded by 2 moms, InnoBaby’s mission is to “deliver high quality smart juvenile solutions that can benefit mom and baby (and dad’s too).”  Their products do just that by being innovative, practical and useful. […]

Smart Mom Jewelry – Teething Bling

teething bling

After reading so many great reviews about Teething Bling, I was excited to have a chance to review a teething pendant. I received a Jade Donut Shaped Pendant from Smart Mom Jewelry and I was impressed the minute I saw it because it really looks like jewelry. For those of you who have never heard […]

Well Baby Tummy Time Mat

well baby tummy time mat

Tummy time for an infant is vital to development and growth. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends 40-60 minutes of tummy time per day so babies can avoid flat head syndrome and torticollis and as a result develop core muscle strength, gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Many if not most babies dislike […]