Movie Review: Pixar’s “Inside Out”


  All the reviews are saying that Inside Out is so creative and Pixar’s greatest. From the perspective of an adult, I agree it was smartly done, but I do have a warning if you plan on taking younger children. If you see trailers, Inside Out looks like it will be a super fun movie […]

Mommy Made Goodness

baby food (400x225)

Many parents love the idea of home made, organic foods for their baby but they just do not have the time or want to take the time (would rather play with baby then be in the kitchen) to make the food. Mommy Made Goodness takes that guilt away and gives back time to parents by delivering food right to their doorstep.

Biggest Baby Shower San Francisco

big city moms

The Biggest Baby Shower Ever San Francisco was last night by Big City Moms and wow it was an amazing event. All the beautiful pregnant moms went home with a huge goody bag full of baby items (I got one too and will soon share all the cool items that was in the bag) plus […]

Baby Loves Disco

baby loves disco

Have a music and dancing loving child? If so then you will want to take your child to Baby Loves Disco. Baby Loves Disco turns nightclubs into child-proof discos where children can let loose and parents can feel like an adult at a baby event.

How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular: Interview with Riley Miner as Hiccup

riley miner

The Dreamworks Production of How to Train Your Dragon has been touring North America. Based on the 2010 Dreamworks animation movie, How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular is the most technically advanced show of its time. The show (movie) is about a young Viking boy Hiccup who learns to like and love the dragons despite his tribes longstanding tradition of dragon slaying.