BookRoo’s Favorite Books


Do you have an avid reader in your house? I do! We end up at the library weekly (if not more often than that). The problem with library books is that they just disappear in the house. We inevitably end up with a fine which annoys my husband so much.

Sandra Boynton Board Books


Sandra Boynton books were some of the first board books we ever had for our children. I had never heard of her prior to children but ever since having babies, Boynton books have been part of our lives. What sets apart Boynton from other children’s book authors is her ability to write stories about animals in a fun, silly and amusing way.

Personalized Board Books

board books

Babies love pictures and babies love books. What a better way to combine the two with personalized board books by Pint Size Productions. Pint Size Productions is the only US manufacturer of personalized board books.