Sassy Inspired the Senses Bounce Around


Dedicated to inspiring baby’s senses through innovation backed by expert contribution, Sassy offers smart, fun, safe products, with just a little bit of attitude – always keeping baby and parent’s best interest in mind. Making products for over 30 years, Sassy, creates products to help your baby grow ad develop.

Sassy Teething Feeder

sassy teething feeder

The Sassy Teething Feeder is a great way to give your baby whole, fresh, age-appropriate foods without the risk of choking.  The feeder is a mesh bag attached to a easy-to-hold ring-shaped handle. The “chill” feature in the handle (freezable gel insert) keeps the food fresh and a cap over the mesh bag protects the food […]

Sassy Baby Toys

sassy toys

If you have not heard of Sassy toys yet, you will be glad you have once you see their products. Sassy is an American company that collaborates with Child Development Specialists to make unique baby products that are colorful with multiple textures. Sassy toys are well made and each toy helps develop a baby’s sensory (vision, touch, […]