VeraTemp – Non-Contact Thermometer


Even though cold and flu season is winding down, it is still important to have a functioning thermometer on hand…just in case! The VeraTemp is a non-contact thermometer so it decreases the chance of transferring germs. Using infrared technology, the VeraTemp has been clinically proven to be as accurate as a rectal or ear thermometer.

Mobi DualScan Ear or Forehead Thermometer

mobi dualscan

Mobi Tehcnologies, known for their high-tech products has done it again with their award winning DualScan Ear or Forehead Thermometer. This versatile thermometer can read a temperature quick and super fast from the ear or forehead. It makes temperature reading easy for the parent and child.

Baby Thermometers


For your baby’s first thermometer: * Buy an inexpensive digital model that can be used rectally (for the first 3 months) and then later a thermometer than be used auxiliary (under armpit) and orally. * LCD display that is easy to read. * Start button that is easy to press. * Don’t be swayed by […]