NUK Infant Tooth and Gum Cleaner


Do you have a hard time brushing your baby’s teeth and gums? My dentist husband highly recommends brushing your baby’s teeth and gums on a daily basis. The NUK Infant Tooth and Gum Cleaner is a safe-to-swallow and fluoride free toothpaste.

Branam Smiles Toothpaste, Pacifiers and Gum

ortho-gibby pacifier

A few months ago I wrote about some fantastic children’s toothpaste made with xylitol. I loved it so much so Branam Smiles sent me more toothpaste, their Ortho-Gibby Pacifiers and Xylitol Gum to try out. Now my daughter does not take a pacifier but I had my Dentist husband check out the Ortho-Gibby Pacifiers and […]

All Natural Toothpaste and Gel for Babies and Children

branam smiles

Branam Smiles makes all natural toothpastes for children. Using the all natural ingredient xylitol, the toothpaste and gel are safe for babies and kids to swallow.