Manny & Simon – Organic, Eco-Friendly, made in the USA Toys and Products

blue truck

Manny & Simon is a company that makes organic, eco-friendly, made in the USA children’s products. Everything about Manny & Simon is a dream come true. The toys are contemporary, unique, and just simple. No electronics and gadgets associated with Manny & Simon.

LeapFrog Touch Magic

learning bus

Over the years, I have purchased many LeapFrog toys for my children. I love their products but had not purchased any new Leapfrog toys in a while. I was excited when LeapFrog sent over 2 toys for my my children to play with and for me to review. Touch Magic is the latest and greatest in LeapFrog toys and we were lucky enough to review the Learning Bus and Counting Train. With all electronic gadgets turning to touch screen, it was about time that toys jump on the bandwagon.

Don’t Buy These Used!

With the amount of gear and baby essentials that new parents have to buy, many parents are resorting to Craigslist, eBay, garage sales and hand-me-downs instead of buying new items.

Sassy Baby Toys

sassy toys

If you have not heard of Sassy toys yet, you will be glad you have once you see their products. Sassy is an American company that collaborates with ChildĀ DevelopmentĀ Specialists to make unique baby products that are colorful with multiple textures. Sassy toys are well made and each toy helps develop a baby’s sensory (vision, touch, […]