Travel (plane) Tidbits


Many of you may have noticed and been wondering why BabyRecs has not posted in the past 2 weeks. There is a reason…I was out of the country with my family. We went to visit extended family and had a busy but fantastic trip away. I am happy that I went and my kids were even happier because they had a blast!

JourneyBee – A Lightweight, Portable Crib


Embark on a trip with journeyBee – a safe, easy, use anywhere, anytime lightweight, portable crib! JourneyBee by ParentLab was recently introduced to the US but has been the latest rage in portable cribs overseas.

Roll n’ Go Car Seat Transporter

roll n go

The Brica Roll n’ Go Car Seat Transporter turns your child’s car seat into a stroller. This “hand truck” is a great way to get through the airport without extra bulk and gear.

CARES – Child Aviation Restraint System


CARES is an acronym for Child Aviation Restraint System. Invented for the purpose of safe flying, CARES is a PTPA award-winning harness-type safety device made by the company Kids Fly Safe. It can be used for toddlers over the age of 1 and between 22-44 lbs. Instead of lugging a bulky, heavy car seat onto […]